Centralized high-tech ART-BANK system, developed by the professionals of ART-BANK group of companies, is a flexible tool created to manage efficiently all retail banking processes, rapidly develop and launch new banking products into the market as well as to enhance efficiency and competitiveness of any financial institution.


 ART-BANK company has developed a flexible system for retail banking business automatisation, including the complex of front- and back- office solutions for the organisation of banking products complex sale processes, retail crediting and comprehensive "single window" operations support services.


"Single window" is a modern and efficient way of bank customer service, providing bank teller with consolidated access to the information on customer data, cooperation history, financial activity and the set of banking products in use as well as new products the customer may have interest in.


 Owing to this, the ART-BANK solution allows:

  • to increase the quantity and quality of customer service;
  • to promptly offer the customer new banking products and services;
  • to organise subsequent sale of bank financial products;
  • to reduce the risk of possible errors or insufficient qualifications of the bank teller;
  • to maintain on the proper level the operation speed of the bank retail system even with customer base increase and at minimum costs for IT


Bank cards of individual persons and organisations
  • Cutting-edge card products of any payment systems.
  • Revolving credits, grace periods, combined products.
  • Extremely fast configuration of new products.
  • Staff saving at the expense of the highest automatisation level.
  • Equipment saving at the expense of the best operation speed on the market.
  • IT staff saving at the expense of perfect support.


Deposits of individual persons and organisations
  • The most attractive deposit products for the customer.
  • Unlimited possibilities of complex products configuration.
  • Deposits on individual conditions (VIP, institutions).
  • Powerful system of restrictions on operations types (additional payments, partial withdrawals.)
  • Floating rates, multi currency deposits, etc.


Individual persons and institutions credits
  • Consumer credits - sales, scoring, underrating, accounting, analytics.
  • Car loans, mortgages, other specialized credits.
  • Credits on individual terms (VIP credits, credits for institutions).
  • Factoring, work with portfolios, sales and credits redemption.


Cashier's operations
  • Single bank teller's work place.
  • Operations with the accounts of individual and legal persons.
  • Operations without account opening, transfers and payments.
  • Currency exchange operations, support of the operations with safe deposit boxes.




Deep customisation without programming

  • Strong customisation system on the basis of the constructors: we customise what is developed by others.
  • All the system's interfaces may be customised for every single group of users.
  • Integration with current service systems - front-office, processing centres, RB), having high accessibility rate.




High information processing speed

  • In terms of its speed index the system may be comparable to the processing systems.
  • Banking operations processing speed - 700-1000 per second (it equals to 1750-2500 accounting entries) on lower level servers. On the lower level servers the speed reaches 1300-1700 per second (3250-4250 accounting entries) )



Creation of pre-configured business-logic for the automated banking services sale

  • Customer characteristics and tags analysis, base segmentation, system set-up in accordance with new marketing banking product and its further sale "on demand".


Learn more about the unique solution of the automated ART-Marketing banking services sale!


pdfART-MARKETING - Marketing communications system

ART-BANK solution allows to:


  • run all retail business products from one place. For instance, to operate collateral agreements, credit agreements, deposit agreements from the same place.
  • make operations with current agreements from "one window" (opening/closing/editing/remittance).
  • provide unified terms and conditions for various products.
  • conduct scoring with a possibility of simple parameters setting (external scoring addition is possible).
  • set up accounting models for the customer or even various models for various products/branches, etc.
  • run a product line for all products and make various dependences on the next product. For instance, the amount of credit interests may depend on the amount on the deposit. Composite products - card+credit or deposit, etc.
  • have a list of trade organisations, bank branches, salary organisations.
  • link pricing plans, products, etc.
  • have a vast list of rate operations with a possibility to introduce changes and additions right in the directory.
  • have different currency rates for various sale points, products, actually everything.
  • work simultaneously with several processings.
  • create new reports and use the multitude of ready reports.
  • use various interests calculation schemes. The system has a considerable set of existing schemes, possibility to create new schemes in special constructors.
  • use rich functions not only of file but also of on-line exchange with various systems.
  • possibility of having the directory of terrorists and suspects, monitoring abusive tax payers.


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About us

ART-BANK Group is banking software vendor with more than 15 years of experience. Over 100 successful system implementations in banks of several countries are in our portfolio. ART-BANK Group is a technology-driven fintech industry pioneer and is well-known in CIS and Middle Asia countries since 2000. Our innovations enable banks to efficiently manage all retail banking processes, rapidly develop and launch new banking products into the market as well as to enhance efficiency and competitiveness of any financial institution. The strength of our technology comes from the world-class R&D team of over 80 specialists. The Company is headquartered in Singapore and represented in such countries as Russia, Ukraine, and the Republic of Kazakhstan. We have our R&D and representative offices in Moscow, Saint Petersburg (Russia), Almaty (Kazakhstan), Kyiv and Lviv (Ukraine).